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Broga Hill @ Semenyih (茅草山 @ 士毛月)

Panoramic view of Broga Hill
(click image to enlarge)

Broga has a famous hiking place, which is called Broga Hill (Bukit Lalang / 茅草山 ). It is located not very far away from the University of Nottingham, at between the university and broga town centre. The entrance of Broga Hill is quite obscure and not easily spotted because it did not have any signboard. A good way to identify the entrance is by searching for Rabbit Fun Land ( as shown in the image below:

Rabbits @ Rabbit Fun Land

The broga entrance is directly opposite of it. The other method, in case the rabbit fun land has shifted away somewhere, the entrance can be known by looking at this milestone which is situated near to rabbit fun land:

Milestone indicates 1km from Broga town

I have added Broga Hill (Bukit Lalang / 茅草山 ) icons on google map. You are freely to check on the Broga Hill exact location.

Guide / Map to Broga Hill (click on the icons to see the details)

View Broga Hill Direction in a larger map
Just added the above Google Map to Broga Hill. (24 Jan 2010)
(click on the green mountain icon to see picture)

Click here to: Direction / Map to Semenyih, giving a clear directions & options to Semenyih Town.

16 Nov morning, I planned to hike Broga Hill with my wife and my family. It had been years that I did not come to this place since secondary school, maybe due to my laziness or too many excuses. In fact, I did not remember the entrance but luckily I managed get information from internet. Early in the morning, we embarked from my home town, Semenyih (see my blog about Semenyih) to Broga Hill. It took me about 10 minutes drive to the entrance. Hmm, to conquer this little Broga Hill was not a challenge to me after I had hiked Bukit Tabur/Bukit Melawati (see my blog about Bukit Tabur experience) last two weeks.

Broga Hill Entrance is facing to Rabbit Fun Land

I parked my car besides the road and walked toward to the entrance. Normally hikers will park their cars near to the entrance as shown in figure below.

Broga Hill Palm Oil Parking Lots

The main entrance was a vast palm oil estate. Palm oil trees were in abundance over there. If you hike at evening time, there will be billions of famished mosquitoes biting you. As a result, we did not come across this miserable scenario. Furthermore, air was fresh when hiking in the morning.

Palm oil trees along with a trail (pretty flat)

Transition from palm oil estate to rubber tree estate
(take the left direction to lemon grass area)

We took about 10 minutes walk and reached to rubber tree estate. We did not take the route to the rubber tree estate but we just passed by it. Right after this, we saw a vast land planted with lemon grass "香茅". Previously there were no such plants over here. Perhaps, the plants had high profit margin, according to my mom. We just followed the small uphill trail to reach to forest trail. Do not take the main trail which is flat.

Hill slope is full with lemon grass 香茅. Follow this small hill trail

The view from uphill point- a vast of lemon grass

After this, it was a forest trail. It did not have very steep slope. Along the trail, there were several landslide areas, so be cautious.

Forest Trail

Several landslide areas. Be cautious

small bridge?

about to reach to the peak!

After passing the forest area, we reached to an area with plentiful of long grasses, which was known as Lalang in Malay. We had to wade throught these long grasses. These grasses were extremely tall and long. Some could reach more than 150cm height. This path was steeper as compared to the previous trail. Furthermore, the uphill trail was a bit slippery, covered with sands...(during descent)

Long grass (Lalang) trail

Grass trail with wide landscape background

After tiring trudge, we finally arrived a small flat place with few giant rocks. Then my mother immediately lay down on a giant rocks, taking a short nap. She was exhausted and out of breath. She was almost half death, losing all her stamina. She did not hike any hill before this and this trip was her first hiking experience. Furthermore she seldom did exercise at home. While waiting, we took some photos..

My mom was half death, lying on the rock (not yet reaching the peak)
(I hope my mom will not get angry when seeing this photo on blog)

Could you see the University of Nottingham?

Over there, the University of Nottingham Malaysia main campus could be clearly seen. I noticed that the university was surrounded by palm oil trees, providing calm and tranquil study environment. Besides the university, we also spotted Taman Pelangi Semenyih, new police station, Bandar Rinching, Semenyih town, and broga town area.

Closer Look of The University of Nottingham

take some photo while waiting for my mom

taking photo with Broga town area

After the short nap, my mother was "fully" recharged. We encouraged her to continue the journey because the peak was just about to arrive. Ganbatte ne!

Broga Hill View with Lalang

All members with Broga Hill

Finally, we arrived on the Broga Hill peak (1st station). We were thrilled to see the fascinating and spectacular view! We could see almost 360 degree view. There was a Malaysia flag, making the place for photo takers. We took several shots with the flag!!

victory sign!

My brother and I

Conquered Broga Hill

Tasting her fruitful victory

Yes! I was on top of the world!

the University of Nottingham

What are the reasons to have these long grasses that cover the whole peaks? It is because the underneath are big rocks. Therefore these rocks prevent large plants to grow near to the peaks. Only "Lalang" or 茅草 grasses can be grown in such area with thin soil surface. These grasses are actually making this hill so special and unique.

Broga hill covered with "Lalang" or 茅草 grasses

on the way to the other peak

After some rest at the peak, we started to descend and return back. We did not continue to the other peaks since my mother was tired. Furthermore the weather was hot and sunny.

victory sign (coming down from the peak)

Long grass trail with rocks

Along the Broga Hill trail, several plants can be found:

Tall "Lalang" grass

Lalang grass

Lalang grass?

what is this?


Paku-pakis with insect (could u spot it?)

Little palm oil tree

After the hike, we drove to Chia Kee Restaurant in Kampung Baru Semenyih to savour Pan Mee 板面 for our breakfast. The Pan Mee was quite famous in Semenyih since I was born.

Bukit Tabur / Bukit Melawati:
Another great place to hike in Kuala Lumpur

You may click the links below:

Panoramic view of Bukit Tabur (click on image to enlarge)



布丁 said...

Hi Kok Siang,

Thanks for the great direction to Broga Hill. It is pretty difficult to get there without proper direction as there no sign board around.

Kyle said...

Hihi, thanks alot for the direction, i thought of goin to find it, if i didnt read ur blog i might not know actually it was infront rabbit farm and just pass though...

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hai thr..thnx for the directions to broga n my bf went it on 14th of june..we really had a great time thr...too bad my photos quality are nt dat gud, cant compared to wd u hav taken on dat trip...but it left a great and adventurous memories to me!

Kok-Siang said...

welcome!! Thx for reading my blog too :)

jltc said...

nice photos.
I have been to broga and enjoyed watching the sun rise.
I would not mind going back again.
for now I want to try as many hills as possible.
once again thanks for sharing the photos.

Freaky said...

Hi, thx for the direction. Later i'm going hiking with my gf, this is my first hiking trip in west part of Malaysia =D It do help me a lot.

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woow thanks for your direction to broga hill!! next time u need help just message me !^^

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Tq so much 4 ur instruction.
Good pictures too!!!
We r going next wek end!!

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hi bro, have plan this weekend, but after seeing ur photo.. i decide to survey first for safety.. coz i'm going there on early morning about 4am.. its dark.. so mybe i have to survey first~ gosh.. but the scene really amazing.. thanks for the instruction bro.. really helpful~

Damien Hew said...

Hi, this is a great blog! Appreciate so much for sharing your experience and detail direction to bukit lalang (Broga Hill) which is really helpful for those who is new like me. Once again thanks and the habit of sharing deserves my admiring =).

Sumi B said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind that I'm asking you a question. Erm, is there a rubber tree estate can be seen before start the hiking activity? Please reply me thanks!