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Direction / Map to Semenyih

This post is to provide some guidance to Semenyih town. As long as you reach Semenyih town, you could easily navigate to other towns around Semenyih, like Broga, Khacau (Sungai Lalang), Beranang, Bangi (the old Bangi town).

There are several ways to Semenyih. Each route has its own pros and cons. So you could choose your route wisely, Trade-off between Time, Distance, Money (toll + fuel), and Accessibility (newbie?).

1. From North-South Highway, take exit to Kajang. Follow Kajang signboard (blue colour) if you do not want to pay 2 tolls in Silk Highway. However you will pass through all the traffic jam along Jalan Sungai Chua and Jalan Semenyih. There are numerous traffic lights in Kajang towns. See the map below:

If you come from North-South Highway, you could follow the direction below with minimun hassle. Take an exit to Kajang from North-South Highway, then go straight all the way (follow main road), reaching Silk highway. You will have to pay two tolls in Silk Highway, then you could take an exit to Jalan Semenyih right after the 2nd toll.

(If you miss, dont panic. You could drive straight, reaching to Kajang-Semenyih bypass road, just look for Semenyih sign board to exit, you will eventually reach Jalan Semenyih as well. Do not drive to KASEH highway, otherwise you need to pay another expensive toll)

From North South Highway, take an exit to Bukit Mahkota and Bandar Sri Putra (near to Nilai rest station). After that you will pass a Petronas station after the toll. Just go straight to pass through a narrow bridge which underneath is a railway. After that turn right at the T juntion (Turn left to Bangi old town). After that you will reach another T juntion to Jalan Bangi. Take right turn again to Semenyih direction (Turn left to Bangi old town). Then drive toward Semenyih town, the road is winding.

If you are not familiar, do not use this especially at night. The connection in between Sri Putra and Jalan Bangi is not well constructed and less signboard. So it is not recommended to those who are new to Semenyih. It is the shortest route to exit North-South highway from Semenyih (10 minutes drives).

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From Jalan Loke Yew, take the Kajang-Cheras highway. Passing two Cheras Tolls, and drive toward Kajang/Semenyih. At the end of Kajang-Cheras highway, do not exit to Kajang, because Kajang usually has heavy traffic. In other words, just drive straight toward Saujana Impian / Semenyih sign board. You will pass through Tesco at the right hand side and you are now in the Kajang-Semenyih bypass road (no toll). After that you will pass Giant at the left hand side. Just go straight until you see a Jalan Semenyih sign board and take the exit. I uses this route to KL centre.
(Note that if you continues go straight after the exit to Jalan Semenyih in Kajang-Semenyih bypass road, it will lead you to KASEH highway to Seremban/Nilai, there is a toll at the entrance to KASEH. If you accidentally drive into KASEH, immediately take the Semenyih/Bangi exit or the 1st exit from the KASEH toll. After that turn left after the toll. )

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From Puchong (Cyberjaya /Putrajaya) take the LDP Highway route. After the last LDP toll, go straight and take a left turn to Kajang direction. (keep on going straight will reach Cyberjaya). After that, you will pass through IOI Resort at the right and UPM at the left. After that you will reach to Silk Highway (note: if you dont want to pay Silk Highway Toll, you could take Kajang town road, see route 1). After paying 2 tolls in Silk Highway
, then you take an exit to Jalan Semenyih right after the 2nd toll. (please refer to route 2)

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