Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sonogram Image of My Baby

I put up my baby ultrasound scan sonogram photos. From the photos, the development of my baby is clearly seen, from a little tiny embryo to a healthy fetus.

week6: sac & yolk

week8: forming a baby shape

week12: can see his head & buttock

week16: can see baby shape clearly with his arms, legs and brain.

week22: Do I look like father or mother?

week38: hand is over his eye, saying hello to us

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to see beyond the imperfections.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2男女困茅草山30小時 (lost in Broga Hill)


taken from http://www.sinchew-i.com

2 hikers lost in Broga Hill











Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

I found Michael Jackson Memorial video clip very touching, and I wanna share with you. It started with a song called "We are the World", one of my favour song (see my previous blog entry), and followed with another great song "Heal the World" which sang by Judith Hill. It ended with Michael Jackson doughter, Paris's tearful farewell. Paris said, " Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine and I just wanna say I love you so much". That moment is really touching.

According to a survey, it shows that Paris farewell are the most voted (78%) for the greatest impression at the memorial, as shown in the diagram above (in chinese) from sinchew e-news.

So what is the feeling you having now? Sad? Pity? Cry?
What I have is that we should treasure the present and cherish our parents, brother, sister, wife and family, of course, our sincere friends as well. We should aways treat them well, and spend some times with them. What I notice from the death of Michael Jackson, people started to cherish him, buying his album, listening his music, watching his awesome dance performance. I am also one of the crowd. Before his death, I has been some time not listening his music except the song "We are the world". After his death, I play his music more often.. Is it a norm?

History Song

History Video only

The other feeling is that, his songs are really great and the most influence to the world. The songs transcend beyond religion, race (black or white, one of his song) and country (heal the world), and even go beyond the moon with his moonwalk dance. I am very impressed on him that he used his songs to invoke the awareness of the Earth, like the song "Heal the World", "Earth Song", "We are the World", "Man in the Mirror" and "History". It ignites the goodness and benevolence, making a better world and appreciating life. I think no many celebrities / artists putting much effort as Michal Jackson did. I realized that most of the popular songs nowaday are mainly about love song either sorrow one or sweet one. It would be great if more songs about making a better world, motivating towards goodness like charity, appreciating of life and etc. Our world should be surrounded with positive energies of goodness that resulting in brighter tomorrow. Our world is already flooded with uncountable bad news, which are inevitable, people will feel and tend to be unsecured , disappointed, sorrow. It indirectly causes people becoming more protective, selfish and not serving for the needs. Therfore, we should not make it worse by sad songs and news. Instead, we need things like good songs to enlighten people for seeking good solutions, making a better world.

I ended my entry here with one of Michael Jackson favour songs named "Smile".

Friday, July 10, 2009

Childhood Memories

Today received a forward mail that recall my childhood. I used to having these stuff during my childhood.... The living environment has been changing slowly without notice. It reminds me that life is changing so constantly and I should cherish the present that I have :) and keep on moving forward.

Here are the pictures that I got from the mail... see which stuff you owned or played it before

Tora and Ding Dong!! Wow, I nearly forgot these stuff! I remember that my primary schoold got selling these stuff. Tora and Ding Dong came with chocolates and miscellaneous toys, sometimes good and sometimes the toys are same.

it tastes ok!

Cocoa Ball : still available? I am not sure. It used to selling at my primary school canteen

chewing gum: Got different pictures that can "paint" into hand as a tattoo

Sumi: I think this one still available in supermarket :p

Sugus: still available? It used to having strong advertisement

Animal biscuit: still got but nicer one

Wow, I had this during my primary school... Now I think it becomes the biscuit for praying.. haha. So it is still available in market.

this one.. I had few of it. If I am not mistaken, it was one of the toys inside Tora

A toy from Ding Dong and other snacks...

same thing for this... Played it before

this one.. I got few also. Shoot toward a mirror

Can make a big bubble as below. Really had fun on this. But it used to have strong pastic smell.

This used to be a girl favour. My sister got these.. sometimes I got to accompany and play with her.. I just wondering why it kept on changing clothes. Didnt like to play this

Ah eh, guy should play this.. But I didnt have it.. I used to play it from my friends but less frequent..
To shoot birds and mangoes.. Too cruel leh..

yoyo: I like to play this but the yoyo I got was lousy, so my skill was lousy also. I think nowsaday the yoyos are quite advance than the one I used to have.

haha, I played it before with friends.. really had fun on it...

Combat toys: I used to have it a lot, playing with brothers. Got different sizes and colours

Erasers: I got the same one in the picture.

wow, I used to collect them during my primary school and kindergarden... I got a lot but I didnt use them. Was it wasteful? At least, I learned and recognized some country flags :p

pencil box with several partitions.. owned it before

I got this also.... same as above that I put on several stickers


Used this for painting class.. Did not like painting.. no talent on it

mini piano. Ops.. I didnt have it but my sister used to have it.

This one, I didnt own it before. Had seen it in supermakets everywhere

I used to play these (相片) a lot. I got one big plastic bag on this during primary school. Got several ways to play with them.

Guli: One of my favour game during primary school. Got several ways to play.

Not sure about this.. a learning card?

My brother like it very much.

Casio handheld game: I addicted on it. I got few of them

TV game: a game cannot be missed!!

from casio handheld -->TV game -->nintendo -->playstation -->computer

DragonBall comic: like it very much (borrow from friends)


Tom & Jerry


Now cinema is screening



one of my favour. I remember I watched the movie in cinema

Back to the Future movie. A great movie!

7-up Fido. It used to be very hot. Fido T-shirts used to be everywhere in the old day

Ops.. I played this during primary school also. Forgot how to make it already.

Wish that the children now have good childhood too, and not just busying on studying + tuition!!
Dont leave a blank sheet in your childhood :p

I dedicate Childhood song by Michael Jackson to you