Sunday, March 14, 2010

霎時感動 part2

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Firefox: Get personas

My Firefox Browser

It's cool! I have personalized my firefox browser to the above image, showing a firefox unique icon.

There are plenty of images to select from

You could choose movie characters, artistic images, cartoons, music, etc...

Let's try it !

note: Using Firefox 3.6, so you already have access to Personas (free)

How do I undo a Persona design?

To disable a current Persona design, go to the Tools menu and select Add-ons to display the add-ons manager. Then click on the Themes button at the top of the add-ons manager window, click on the Default theme for Firefox, and click on Use Theme.

Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple 佛光山东禅寺

Cultivation Center
ground floor: book fair
1st floor: auditorium
2nd floor: exhibition
(this round is about meditation 禅)


2010 year Chinese New Year, we visited Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple 佛光山东禅寺. We reached there about 8pm and got to park my car far away because there were many people.

bb liked seeing lanterns



Tiger year 虎年

BB looking his lucky chinese zodiac : Cow / Ox

Simple Elegant!

I was interested by a speaker talking about meditation 禅 that links to our daily life... very interesting although I heard it before, maybe it purified my heard again :p because people is easily get lost in the daily life!

There was a book fair at the exhibition center. In the book fair, we were asked to draw a message from a basket:

Here are the message:

Standing in the middle of the road is more strenuous than reaching ones destination
(master Cheng Yen Jingsi Aphorisms)

我们最大的敌人不是别人, 可能是自己
Our greatest enemy is not others but more likely ourselves
(master Cheng Yen Jingsi Aphorisms)

It really clear out my doubts and reassure my decision to complete my phd study in Singapore. I got to be bold to face it regardless of challenges, difficulties and loneliness since standing in the middle of the road is more strenuous than reaching ones destination. I really gained a lot of the visit!

The main entrance to the temple

A performance stage was just finished
Floor plan of Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple 佛光山东禅寺

How to get to Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple 佛光山东禅寺 @ Jenjarom 仁嘉隆??

The above figure shown the clear direction/map to Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple 佛光山东禅寺 @ Jenjarom 仁嘉隆. It is located near to Klang.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

人間菩提》生命磐石護身心 20100228-2《

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證嚴法師菩提心要 2 月27日播出 活化善的細胞

人,從一出生開始,便注定不可避免的一種命運,那就是要面對生老病死。從兩千兩百多年前的秦始皇,千方百計尋求長生不死之藥,到摩登的現代人,動輒數千元 的保養品、健康食品等等,長生不老、青春永駐的願望,是人們自古以來不變的迷思。

上人開 示:
人生真無常,生老病死,這都是很大自然的法則,我們不要怕老病死,因為是來生這第一天,就已經註定了老病死,這叫做大自然法則。有的人年紀長了一點,有的 人是短了一點,長一點假如生命沒有好好地運用它,長了等於短,假如我們有好好地用它,短也是很充足。

如今市面上常見的各種廣告中,往往都有著活化肌膚、活化腦神經、活化細胞等等字眼,吸引著人們追求健康、年輕與活力。相對於一般人注重外在表象的體面,證 嚴法師鼓勵慈濟人從內在的心理層面開始活躍起來。

上人開 示:
我常聽醫生都用一種比喻,就是說好的細胞,跟病的細胞,就如兩軍相戰,這邊軍隊較強就戰勝,這邊若是較沒有組織、較弱就會輸。所以什麼樣的細胞會較強?就 是要陽光,我們的心要常打開,不要憂鬱,若是憂鬱下去,聽到病就憂鬱了,憂鬱症一起來,就會一直煩惱、一直害怕,一直害怕、一直煩惱,很自然,我們的免疫 力就會一直降低,健康的細胞就一直沒有作用,病菌就會耀武揚威起來。所以我們也要 用我們的心理來控制生理。

在慈濟,身體力行做好事,也一樣難免受到生老病死大自然法則的限制,但以積極面對人生的心,加上法親的相互陪伴,慈濟人能夠跨越生死病痛的障礙,活出璀璨 的人生。

上人開 示:
每天的第一個念頭,要記得感恩,還要從第一個念頭的感恩,一天八萬六千四百秒,秒秒要感恩。我們若是秒秒感恩,我們身體中的細胞,好的細胞,每一顆細胞 都是活躍,好細胞的活躍。

所以用感恩的善的法,每一時候都是回向在自己的生理中,陽光、快樂、感恩、尊重、愛,不斷地回向在自己的身體裡面,所以善的細胞、健康的細胞,就會不斷地 產生。