Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson- Rest in Peace

Yesterday, I was shock of knowing that Michael Jackson was dead at his age of 50 (26 Jun). I really could not believe it since he was busying in preparing his concert in London. Michael Jackson was the most famous music talent in the world who was also known as King of Pop. His unbeatable album selling records and top records in Billboard was awesome to everyone. He is also famous for his moonwalk dance, which make a incredible influence across the world. His singing style also inspired a lot of people.

He was popular even he was a child
I knew him since I was child, because TV also screened his MTV like "Beat it", "Bad", "Thriller". He also popularized MTV around the world. I still remember that I sang one of his touching song called "We are the World" when I was in kindergarten. I think at the time, I didnt sing well since I was not good in English. I think the chorus part was ok. I even asked my parents bought the cassette for me, of course the original one! I still love this song, maybe because I song that song in kindergarten. Besides this, I also learned his dancing style when I was young but I didnt make it.

We are the world Song

I think he did a lot of contribution to charities which make a world better. I still remember his song called "Earth Song", which creating awareness of global warning and green environment. No many singers would do such a great thing!

Earth Song

When I was in secondary school, I prefered his soft song like "You are not alone" , "Will you be there" & "Man in the mirror" . These singing style was slightly different to his previous song which heavily rock and rip.

Other hot and rock songs are "Black and White" & "Dangerous" song. I still remember Dangerous song made a strong impact as well.

I also like his superior dance performance and incredible moonwalk!! Where did he get the inspiration from? From the moon?

Michael Jackosn, rest in peace. He might moonwalk to his wonderland and continuously "Ow!" there!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photo taking in School of Art Design Media, NTU

A golf field is built on top of a building roof?

One of the weekend, my friend Xiao Jun and I decided to take a photoshot on School of Art, Design & Media (ADM). I found this building is quite unique and stunning, in term of the building shape, no doubt, becoming an iconic building in NTU. Not sure how to describe the shape of the building. A picture is worth of thousand words, the picture below will give you clear view. The roof is fully covered with grass. It seems like a modern golf field on top of a building if seeing from a far distance. In the center of the school, there is a fountain, enhancing a friendly and cosy environment.

stunning shape of School ADM

entrance to the center of the building
walking along on the roof

my friend, Xiao Jun

having dinner @ canteen 1

walking pathway

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Direction / Map to Semenyih

This post is to provide some guidance to Semenyih town. As long as you reach Semenyih town, you could easily navigate to other towns around Semenyih, like Broga, Khacau (Sungai Lalang), Beranang, Bangi (the old Bangi town).

There are several ways to Semenyih. Each route has its own pros and cons. So you could choose your route wisely, Trade-off between Time, Distance, Money (toll + fuel), and Accessibility (newbie?).

1. From North-South Highway, take exit to Kajang. Follow Kajang signboard (blue colour) if you do not want to pay 2 tolls in Silk Highway. However you will pass through all the traffic jam along Jalan Sungai Chua and Jalan Semenyih. There are numerous traffic lights in Kajang towns. See the map below:

If you come from North-South Highway, you could follow the direction below with minimun hassle. Take an exit to Kajang from North-South Highway, then go straight all the way (follow main road), reaching Silk highway. You will have to pay two tolls in Silk Highway, then you could take an exit to Jalan Semenyih right after the 2nd toll.

(If you miss, dont panic. You could drive straight, reaching to Kajang-Semenyih bypass road, just look for Semenyih sign board to exit, you will eventually reach Jalan Semenyih as well. Do not drive to KASEH highway, otherwise you need to pay another expensive toll)

From North South Highway, take an exit to Bukit Mahkota and Bandar Sri Putra (near to Nilai rest station). After that you will pass a Petronas station after the toll. Just go straight to pass through a narrow bridge which underneath is a railway. After that turn right at the T juntion (Turn left to Bangi old town). After that you will reach another T juntion to Jalan Bangi. Take right turn again to Semenyih direction (Turn left to Bangi old town). Then drive toward Semenyih town, the road is winding.

If you are not familiar, do not use this especially at night. The connection in between Sri Putra and Jalan Bangi is not well constructed and less signboard. So it is not recommended to those who are new to Semenyih. It is the shortest route to exit North-South highway from Semenyih (10 minutes drives).

View Larger Map

From Jalan Loke Yew, take the Kajang-Cheras highway. Passing two Cheras Tolls, and drive toward Kajang/Semenyih. At the end of Kajang-Cheras highway, do not exit to Kajang, because Kajang usually has heavy traffic. In other words, just drive straight toward Saujana Impian / Semenyih sign board. You will pass through Tesco at the right hand side and you are now in the Kajang-Semenyih bypass road (no toll). After that you will pass Giant at the left hand side. Just go straight until you see a Jalan Semenyih sign board and take the exit. I uses this route to KL centre.
(Note that if you continues go straight after the exit to Jalan Semenyih in Kajang-Semenyih bypass road, it will lead you to KASEH highway to Seremban/Nilai, there is a toll at the entrance to KASEH. If you accidentally drive into KASEH, immediately take the Semenyih/Bangi exit or the 1st exit from the KASEH toll. After that turn left after the toll. )

View Larger Map


From Puchong (Cyberjaya /Putrajaya) take the LDP Highway route. After the last LDP toll, go straight and take a left turn to Kajang direction. (keep on going straight will reach Cyberjaya). After that, you will pass through IOI Resort at the right and UPM at the left. After that you will reach to Silk Highway (note: if you dont want to pay Silk Highway Toll, you could take Kajang town road, see route 1). After paying 2 tolls in Silk Highway
, then you take an exit to Jalan Semenyih right after the 2nd toll. (please refer to route 2)

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Roti Canai / Dosai for Breakfast

Indian roti canai

Normally I will have roti canai & Dosai as my breakfast. I prefer to have it in Indian stall/shop because Indian curry is much better than others. How about you?

crunchy dosai

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enjoy your life !!!

First, I was dying to finish my high school and start college
And then I was dying to finish college and start working
Then I was dying to marry and have children
And then I was dying for my children
to grow old enough
So I could go back to work
But then I was dying to retire
And now I am dying...

To make money we lose our health,
and then to restore our health we lose our money...
We live as if we are never going to die,
and we die as if we never lived...
And suddenly I realized
I forgot to live

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Prof Raafat Mansour from University of Waterloo

Taking photo with Prof Mansour from University of Waterloo, Canada

In the short semester, I had attended a 10-days microwave filter design short course by Prof Raafat Mansour, a prominent prof from University of Waterloo, Canada. He is a key person in RF/microwave filter and MEMS design. He also an IEEE Fellow and holds numerous of US patents. The book we used was the book written by the prof, called Microwave Filters for Communication Systems: Fundamentals, Design and Applications. From the course, I found the prof is really good and very knowledgeable. I was very glad that NTU has a good system that invites distinguished lecturers for short courses.

taking photo with Prof Willy Sansen and circuit team members, while working in Intel.

So far, I have taken photo with 3 IEEE fellows. The first one is Willy Sansen, while I was working in Intel, Penang Malaysia. He is also a key person in the analog design field. The second one is Prof Behzad Razavi, the one I admired the most. I blogged about his workshop few months ago (click here to the post). The third one is Prof. Raafat Mansour. I know him from the short course.

Taking photo with Prof Razavi in a workshop in Singapore