Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Prof Raafat Mansour from University of Waterloo

Taking photo with Prof Mansour from University of Waterloo, Canada

In the short semester, I had attended a 10-days microwave filter design short course by Prof Raafat Mansour, a prominent prof from University of Waterloo, Canada. He is a key person in RF/microwave filter and MEMS design. He also an IEEE Fellow and holds numerous of US patents. The book we used was the book written by the prof, called Microwave Filters for Communication Systems: Fundamentals, Design and Applications. From the course, I found the prof is really good and very knowledgeable. I was very glad that NTU has a good system that invites distinguished lecturers for short courses.

taking photo with Prof Willy Sansen and circuit team members, while working in Intel.

So far, I have taken photo with 3 IEEE fellows. The first one is Willy Sansen, while I was working in Intel, Penang Malaysia. He is also a key person in the analog design field. The second one is Prof Behzad Razavi, the one I admired the most. I blogged about his workshop few months ago (click here to the post). The third one is Prof. Raafat Mansour. I know him from the short course.

Taking photo with Prof Razavi in a workshop in Singapore

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