Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sakae Sushi @ The Curve

Sakae Sushi @ The Curve

The food we ordered

BB said, "How come I only have one choice, the milk?"

Baby kept on looking on the food, oblivious photo taking

Photo taking in front of the bazaar at The Curve

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Birthday

Haha, surprised that my wife bought me a cake after I rushing back from Singapore.

BB liked to see the candle light

Let's slide it together..

BB was focusing on the candle all the way

I am getting older already.... nothing to be happy of? I am really enjoy the moment with my family and Jing Yi.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

YOU in the Hot Seat: Purpose & Being Part I

If you are interested, please visit the blog below.

Copy from the source:

YOU in the Hot Seat: Purpose & Being Part I

Do you know who you are?

“Of course I know who I am,” a lot of people will respond. Then they’ll rattle off a list that includes their name, where they’re from, their occupation, their ethnicity; the list can go on and on. Yet, we are more than our title, heritage or role, yes or yes?

Most of us have a pretty good idea about the sum experience of our lives; what we’ve been taught, how we’ve come along so far, and how we generally tend to operate. Maybe a better question than “Who are you” is, “Who do you want to be?”

We are always being who we are—whatever that is at the moment—but at the same time we’re also always becoming. It’s easy to say, “I am (fill in the blank),” and we can think this with complete conviction. However, just because someone says they are—for example—a good friend doesn’t necessarily make it so. But who wouldn’t want to become a better friend?

Even those with greater awareness of themselves can be affected by current pressures and challenges. Sometimes, how we respond to these challenges can surprise us, like showing great compassion and humanity to others in the face of unspeakable tragedy (think the outpouring of support for the Haiti tragedy), even though those same people might not otherwise appear on our radar at all. Other times, we might be disappointed because we think of ourselves as open-minded, only to find out that we aren’t what we think we are all the time. Considering life’s uncertainties, there really is no way to be absolutely sure of how we will respond to what life gives us.

When it comes down to it, who you really are is what you value the most; and what you value then becomes reflected in what you do; where your energy and resources are directed on a regular basis. Not just the value of material things like cars, houses, or the latest gadgets. I mean what you value as in honesty, self-respect, respect for others, kindness—qualities that have no price because their impact can’t be measured.

So instead of thinking in terms of who you are, perhaps a more practical way of looking at the question is who do you want to become. We probably aren’t going to be exactly who we want to be in every moment of life. Anybody who’s experienced fear or anger can attest to that. Nobody wants to be fearful, but we’d all like to be courageous.

Who you want to be is really what makes you who you are now. When you’re striving for something, you’re acting—you’re doing. And what you do makes you more of who you will become later down the line. There is no distinction between the present and the future. It’s always happening now through your values and your actions, from building your sense of character to building a strong financial foundation.

In my next blog, we’ll look at taking the next step in being by exploring the notion of purpose.

Here’s your exercise:

Put yourself in the hot seat and ask the tough questions. What qualities do you really want to enact no matter what the situation, no matter what goal you’re trying to reach? Compassion? Bravery? Simplicity? Faith? Good humor? Whatever these qualities you admire or cherish the most, these are the principles that make you who you are, if you hold to them consistently.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gasoline: Ampang Lookout Point (Little Genting)

Gasoline Cafe @ Ampang Lookout Point!

On 1 Jan 2010, we went to Ampang Look-Out Point aka Little Genting, which was located at Jalan Hulu Langat, to celebrate 2010 New Year. The place was famed for the beauty of the panoramic Kuala Lumpur night view. We arrived at the entrance near to 8pm and the car park was full at the hilltop near to the restaurant , then we had no choice to park at the bottom. Parking fee was RM2 per entry.

The pathway to the uphill (about few minutes)

We walked up to the restaurants along the walking pathway as shown above. It took about few minutes.

Can see the entire Kuala Lumpur night scene.
What a fantastic place to enjoy KL view.

Once we reached to the restaurants, we were thrilled when panoramic KL view was revealed in front of us. Wow, what a breathtaking and spectacular scene. It was really a perfect place to enjoy the vibrancy of Kuala Lumpur. From there we could spot Petronas KL Twin Tower and KL tower easily.

Start to rain while waiting food.
Not bad we still able to see the night view.

There were few restaurants like Gasoline, Bread & Olive and Haven (more information click here). We decided to have our dinner at Gasoline, recommended from friends and blogs. It served variety of western food and Chinese food. The choices were abundant... headache?

Due to the new year, the place was overwhelmed by people. Our orders was slow, we had to wait long. The orders was out of control also, one of my side dish order was not serviced. I think in the normal day, it should be fine.

keep on waiting...waiting...waiting

Finally we could savour our late dinner!
Tomato fish n chip RM13.90
Vietnam fish fillet rice RM7.90

The price of the food and drink were reasonable. we found the food there okay, at least no tasteless. Since the primary reason we went there was not for the food but for the unique environment.

Sleeping beauty RM6.90 (left)
Apple snowy RM6.90 (right)

Watermelon juice (L) RM8

The watermelon juice was quite nice (not putting too many ice & water ). The sleeping beauty tasted good too.

Watermelon juice (L) RM8

My order of Portugal chicken rice RM7.90


western food session


Here is the environment of Gasoline at Ampang look-out point. The place was crowded.We was lucky that we could get a table under a roof because the day was raining

Another view of Gasoline (downstair).

There were few tatami style dining rooms at the inner side but no one sitting there because most probably the night view could not be seen from there.

My baby was excited and happy. Did not want to sleep although it was late.

For more information, kindly visit vkeong food blog....
The pictures below are from vkeong food blog
The spectacular Kuala Lumpur Night View

The lookout point tower

Clear Direction/Map to Ampang Lookout Point @ KL Night View
(Pusat Pelancongan dan Menara Tinjau in Malay)

image from
  1. Exit the MRR2 at Pandan Indah Interchange.
  2. Go straight until the T-Junction. Esso will be on your left. Turn right at the traffic light.
  3. Take a left at the next traffic light (very near, you might miss this. See the map). After that, go straight and you will see McDonald at your right.
  4. When you see CIMB bank and KFC at your right hand side. Take another left at the traffic light beside Puteri Plaza.
  5. Turn right at the traffic light junction to Ulu Langat/Kajang. (Please take note on this, you might missed this.)
  6. From this traffic light the road is winding for about 3 km.
  7. Look out for the sign board “Menara Tinjau”.
  8. Will come across a food court on the right with carpark. Turn in and drive up the hill to the Ampang Lookout Point
Here is the Google Map that helps you to figure out the direction to Ampang Look Out Point / Little Genting (click on the icons to see important landmarks)

View Directions to Jalan Hulu Langat in a larger map

Although it is not the nearest route but it is the easiest route. The elevated Pandan Indah Interchange in MRR2 allows the drivers from both directions, the north side like Setapak and the south side like Cheras, to enter in.

BB learns to read?

reading book....


Dont disturb me reading, ok?

wanna to read together?

BB learns to hold bottle


hold higher

holds it firmly

Jing Yi was struggling to hold his bottle. He likes to drink a lot of water as compared to Nan1 milk from Nestle.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cannot dual boot after reinstalling Window Vista

Last week, I tried to reinstall Window Vista in my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop because I found it very slow and I guess there were some systems corrupted. I also found that Window Vista allow reinstall Window without deleting old data file (not choosing formatting harddisk). The system will put all files into a folder named Window.old. Later I got to manually delete those folders in Window.old because they take up a lot of disk space. Besides this, I got to reinstall all the programs again.

After that, I realized my laptop not able to dual boot as I got before this. I used to have Window and Linux dual boot system. After some searching and try out. Here are the steps.

1. Prepare a Linux bootable CD. I used CentOS, which are same to RedHat Enterprise version. Reboot laptop.

2. In the linux screen, choose F5 and type "linux rescue". It is easier step since the CD will auto-mount the Linux that I installed previously.

3. Choose Language, keyboard setting. Choose no network setup.

4. It comes to rescue environment setup. "The rescue environment will now attempt to find your Linux installation and mount it under the directory /mnt/sysimage"
Choose continue

5. After that, you will reach a terminal. Type: chroot /mnt/sysimage . Before this, the user name is unknow (can check by whoami command). After the chroot /mnt/sysimage command, you can recheck who is the user again by whoami command.

6. type:
sudo grub [go to the grub> prompt]
find /boot/grub/stage1 [it shows the first stage system -->showing (hd0,5) for my setup
root (hd0,5) [type according to the previous result]
setup (hd0) [reinstall grub into hd0,5]
quit [exit]
quit [reboot]

7 reboot the system. Can see the dual boot page.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Buying some books for BB

Book Fair @ Alamanda, Cyberjaya

Here are the books for Jing Yi.

Do I have time for that? Ops!

Baby Can Read at 12 month!

Amazing!! Never thought baby can be so clever.