Friday, March 20, 2009

Razavi Workshop/Seminar in Singapore!

Prof Behzad Razavi

Last two week, I received an email from NTU that Institute of Microelectronics (IME), IEEE Singapore MTT/AP Chapter and IEEE Singapore Solid-State Circuits Chapter were going to organiza a two-day workshop by Prof Behzad Razavi, the most distinguish research in the field of analog circuit design + IEEE fellow. The workshop called "High-Performance Analog, RF and mmWave CMOS Design". I was excited receiving the email because I treat him as mentor and I often read his journals and books. I really learn a lot from his research papers and books because his approach in the books is very practical to design rather than complicated formula and calculations. I found his books/papers focus on intuitive ways which allow readers to know the insight of the theories.

content of the workshop

The workshop was divided to few sections. There were ADCs, PLL, Sub 1V RF design on day1, modellig, 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation of 60GHz RF Rx & Tx, and mm-wave circuit technique. Wow, it included a lot of materials in just two day events. It really was an event not to be missed! However it was not a free workshop, the fees for regular participant and IEE member was S$990 and S$790 respectively, it was quite expensive to me. Fortunately, the fee for regular students and IEEE regular students were S$100 and S$75, which were affordable to me. So I quickly joined IEEE membership for USD$12.50. Was it an impulsive move?

60GHz RF Rx

In this Monday and Tuesday, I attended the workshop in IME building, near to National University of Singapore NUS. The workshop was quite interesting and intensive. Luckily I could follow his pace. I finally saw Prof Razavi in person. Haha.. moreover I eventually took photo with him and my friends as shown in picture below. As overall, I think it is pretty worth for the workshop, because I have gained considerable knowledge (not because of taking photo with him, just part of it), especially in ADC and RF parts. I was impressed with the new black box modelling technique, which was totally out of my knowledge.

The most impressive part I remember, he said to become good RF designers, the designers have to spend at least one year in RF modeling, especially in inductor modelling, then at least another one year in architecture designs and at least another one year in RF circuit designs.

Another thing I would like to highlight is that he, himself, personally did the 60GHz Rx/Tx designs. Only the layout parts were done by his students. Therefore those papers only have his name only (single author name only). Wow, I think no much Profs will spend their times in research works. I really worship him! A truely research and Prof.

Taking photo with Prof Razavi and my friends in the workshop

On the following day, there was a free seminar by Prof Razavi as well in NUS. The topic is about low-power 10-bit pipeline ADC with calibration technique. Of course, I didnt miss it. In the seminar, I was impressed by the new technique which could achieve considerable low power and high accuracy.

Free seminar by Prof Razavi in NUS

closer look: differential op-amp with fast CMFB

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