Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New LCCT Departure Hall - Airasia

Recently a new Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) departure hall has been opened just to cater the aggressive expansion of Air Asia needs. According to news, the new hall can accommodate 3,200 passengers compared to 600 at the old one.

I would like to walk through the new looks here briefly. It is remained the same for luggage check in part. After this, passengers have to walk to the new departure hall, just follow the sign board of T1-T16 (terminal). There is a Marrybrown restaurant beside the entrance. After this, passengers will reach to custom at 1st the floor as shown in the figures below

the counters at the back are custom counters

There are many custom counters for different types of passport. As for Malaysian, you could use the autogate system. After the custom counters, there is a scannning counters as shown in the figure below:

scanning counter

Basically, there is no much different as compared to previous one, just that the place is more spacious and has more custom and scanning counters.

Scanning couters

After that passengers are welcomed with a candy shop. You could find numerous of candy and local products like coffees in this shop.

candy shop

Wanna buy candies as souvenir?

There is a washroom besides the Dunkin's Donuts. I think the number of toilet rooms should further increased.


One good thing about the new LCCT departure hall is that there is a dedicated smoking room for smoke users. It can reduce the risk of second hand smoke.

smoking room

Duty free shop, selling alcohols, liquors, cigarettes and chocolates, can be found at the ground floor. CIMB bank and money changers can also be found at ground floor.

Duty free shop

CIMB Bank and money changer

The other good thing about the LCCT is that multi-languages sign boards are used. It really reflects Malaysia as a multi-racial country and is respectful to different races. Furthermore it reduces hassle for those do not know English or Malay.

Multi-language sign board

the view of new departure hall

There are plenty of seats and the seats are much more comfy and spacious! Passengers can find seats easily without hassle, no longer need to squeeze in the crowds.

more seats in the new departure hall


Airasia: Pick your own seat

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