Saturday, February 07, 2009

Airasia: Pick your own seat

Airasia New Idea: Pick your own seat! (source)

Now you can pick up your own seat in Airasia flight without any hassle. You don't have to rush in to choose the best feng shui seat or the seat near to window, allowing you to enjoy remarkable view. The new system divides the seats into HOT seats and Standard seats as shown in the flight floorplan below: the seats with red colour are HOT seats, at the cost of RM25 while the rest are Standard seats with RM5 surcharge.

Hot seats and standard seats

In my view, this new system is better than Xpress Boarding, introduced few months ago. It is because in the previous Xpress Boarding service, the passengers do not guarantee can get the seats they want, someone might run faster than the passengers and grap the good seat. In other words, this new system reduces passenger disappointment of seat location. I am quite impressed with Airasia that always provides new and innovative idea to improve passenger needs.

No longer need to rush when boarding- have to follow seat number!

Air Asia in LCCT

Note: With this new feature, it implies that all passengers have to follow the seat number as printed in the air ticket when you checking in your baggages!

For more information about "pick your own seat" system, you may visit this link for FAQ.

Pick your own seat charges (source)

Besides this, I noticed that Airaisa have revamped their online air ticket booking system.

For example, the pre-book baggage system. In the old system, it was asking how many baggages need to be checked in. In the new syste, you have 4 options: No checked Bag, Regular - up to 15kg (5.00 MYR), medium - up to 20kg (55 MYR), large - up to 25kg (105MYR). To me, it is still very costly, 5kg more is worth RM50!! somemore it has been 50% discounted!

Baggage system with several weight

As for the meal, I think it is almost the same. Same comment, it is quite costly. Sometimes, we have no choice to buy if having long distance travel. Maybe you will taste the food differently in the 10000 feet height in the air.

Choose your male!

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