Monday, February 23, 2009

Semenyih: Yap Choon Kwai Kon Loh Mee 干捞面

In Semenyih town, there is a place famous for breakfast. The place is just beside to S. J. K. (C) Sin Ming or Sin Ming primary school (新民国民型华文小学). The shop name is called Yap Choon Kwai restaurant 春贵茶餐室. This restaurant has been here since I was young.

Sin Ming primary school

Yap Choon Kwai restaurant, famous for Kon Loh Mee

Normally the residence of Semenyih just call Yap Choon Kwai. If you are not a local residence here, you most probably will not visit this restaurant because the shop is very old and unattractive. However it is famous for Kon Loh Mee (noodle) 干捞面 and Laksa (curry mee). Due to limited seats, most of the time customers have to wait especially during Sunday. Besides this, if there are too many customers, then you are not allowed to take away to reduce waiting time of seated customers.

The shop looks old and unattractive

This restaurant is managed by Mr. Yap Choon Kwai and his wife as shown in the figure above. With their more than 20 years skills, the Kon Loh Mee is very delicious, filled with black soy sources. There is an option for customer, you could choose either char siu 叉烧 or fish balls / fu zhou. I normally choose fish balls and fu zhou. Besides the Kon Loh Mee, I think the Laksa here also taste superb and wonderful. The santan in the Laksa is just nice in the quatity, does not taste too sweet or too plain.

Kon Loh Mee with fish balls (RM4.50)

Laksa Mee with fish ball

Laksa Mee with fish ball and cockle

The noodles here come in two sizes, either small or big size. The small and big size cost RM3.80 and RM4.50 respectively. Apart from this option, grilled chicken wing and curry chicken can be an additional side dishes, which making you awesome!

Grilled chicken wing

my mother savouring her breakfast

Laksa & Kon Loh Mee

The map of the restaurant as shown below:

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Cecelia Tan 明丽 said...

The photos look very tempting. I feel like trying it.

Kok-Siang said...

yeah, you surely can give it a try. I just tried it on weekend.