Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day! What do you send to your lover? Having a special dinner or lunch at luxurious restaurant? But it costs a lot right as compared to the same meal in the same restaurant. Some more you have to book earlier. How about buying a bundle of red romantic roses? This technique cannot be used so often.. otherwise it becomes not special.

Self-made Candle Glass

The best thing is making a gift by myself, hence it is very special. This method might take you a long time to prepare and think. I provides you a simple solution which is making a candle glass as shown in the above picture. The only material you need is fragrant candle, glass, some decoration stuff. I used real flowers and small subtle glass snail as the ornaments. That's it! Simple and cost a little. How could I make it?

The steps are simple. First, decorate the glass and ornaments. After that, heat up the fragrant candle. Fill up the glass with water or color water. Then pour the melting candle into the top surface of the water slowly. This step must be done slowly and carefully because it will impact on the shape of the candle. If pour the candle too fast, then it will dip deeply into water. What you can do is just pour a little first to cover the top surface and let it to cold down. Then you could add the rest of the candle.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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