Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson- Rest in Peace

Yesterday, I was shock of knowing that Michael Jackson was dead at his age of 50 (26 Jun). I really could not believe it since he was busying in preparing his concert in London. Michael Jackson was the most famous music talent in the world who was also known as King of Pop. His unbeatable album selling records and top records in Billboard was awesome to everyone. He is also famous for his moonwalk dance, which make a incredible influence across the world. His singing style also inspired a lot of people.

He was popular even he was a child
I knew him since I was child, because TV also screened his MTV like "Beat it", "Bad", "Thriller". He also popularized MTV around the world. I still remember that I sang one of his touching song called "We are the World" when I was in kindergarten. I think at the time, I didnt sing well since I was not good in English. I think the chorus part was ok. I even asked my parents bought the cassette for me, of course the original one! I still love this song, maybe because I song that song in kindergarten. Besides this, I also learned his dancing style when I was young but I didnt make it.

We are the world Song

I think he did a lot of contribution to charities which make a world better. I still remember his song called "Earth Song", which creating awareness of global warning and green environment. No many singers would do such a great thing!

Earth Song

When I was in secondary school, I prefered his soft song like "You are not alone" , "Will you be there" & "Man in the mirror" . These singing style was slightly different to his previous song which heavily rock and rip.

Other hot and rock songs are "Black and White" & "Dangerous" song. I still remember Dangerous song made a strong impact as well.

I also like his superior dance performance and incredible moonwalk!! Where did he get the inspiration from? From the moon?

Michael Jackosn, rest in peace. He might moonwalk to his wonderland and continuously "Ow!" there!

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