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Semenyih 士毛月

I have grown up in a small city called Semenyih. Last 5 years ago, I believed most of you, especially those came from other states, did not know where this place was. Therefore I normally said that I came from Kajang instead because Kajang was much more famous for Satay, a local Malay food that must try if visiting Malaysia. Semenyih is just about 8km southeast of Kajang. This few years, Semenyih is getting well known after establishing Malaysia campus of the University of Nottingham over here. The actual location of the university is in Broga, where is just about 15 minutes drive from Semenyih town. Until now, I have yet to visit this university.

Malaysia campus of the University of Nottingham

Besides this, I think Semenyih is also famous for Nirvana Memorial Park (富贵山庄), the largest and the most expensive memorial park in Malaysia. It is very famous for its good Feng Shui because the place is surrounded with trees and streams. During Qing Min period 清明节, there will be many BMW or Mercedes cars on the way to this memorial park. In the park, there is a long dragon statue to place ancestral tablets.

The actual location of this park is near to Khacau/Kacau, about 20 minutes drive along Jalan Lalang from Semenyih town. Khacau is another good place to visit in Semenyih. It is popular for Sungai Tekala Waterfall. I had visited there many times during my childhood. At that time, it did not have entrance fee. Along Jalan Lalang, there are many fishing lakes. They used to be tin mining lakes. If you drive further along Jalan Lalang, you will come across a large water reservoir. It is named Semenyih Dam Reservoir, the largest water reservoir in Selangor. Sometimes there are few people do fishing in this dam. But it is illegal to do swimming and fishing in this dam! If you have guts, you can try too at your own risk.

The biggest shoping center in Semenyih is The Store (previously was Fajar), located at Semenyih Sentral, a new township. This shopping center is only two storeys high, nothing special. The first KFC restaurant is inside this building. I am looking forward to have a McDonald restaurant, providing alterrnative choice. The other shoping centers are Econsave, Billion in Jalan Semenyih and Tesco, which will be opening soon, near to Taman Pelangi Semenyih.

The google map before Semenyih Sentral was built. It used to be covered by trees

Google Map of Semenyih: (click on the icon or highlight area to view the details)

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Semenyih Sentral (morning view)

The traffic in Semenyih is terrible, especially during working hours. Most of the cars will be trapped in Jalan Semenyih near to Taman Sunway Semenyih. It is because the two-lane road to Kajang is suddenly narrow down to one-lane. On the way from Kajang to Semenyih, the traffic is very bad due to the Taman Sunway Semenyih traffic light. I really wish this problems can be resolved in the near future. The other traffic problem is the entrance to Semenyih town from Jalan Semenyih. Besides this, there is no systematic parking system in the Semenyih old town. People can park their car indiscriminately.

Bandar Sunway Semenyih sample house

In my opinion, Semenyih is not accessible because there is only one main road to Kajang and Seremban, which is the Jalan Semenyih. If you drive to Kajang using this road, you have to pass through more than 8 traffic lights in 8km journey. For me, it is ridiculous. Luckily Kajang-Semenyih bypass road has been opened to smooth out the traffic. Those people want to travel to Kuala Lumpur can bypass Kajang town. The most important thing is it is toll-free. The road directly links to Cheras Highway, making the travel time from Semenyih to Kuala Lumpur Center is less than 1 hour, during non-peak hours.

Kajang-Semenyih bypass road interchanges to Silk highway

This Kajang-Semenyih bypass road links to Silk Kajang highway. For those who heading to Puchong, Cyberjaya or North-South Highway can use this highway. It cut short travel time at the cost of paying two toll fees. One toll is at Semenyih gateway and the other is in Kajang Sg. Ramal gateway. Sometimes I think it is worth to pay since the petrol price has gone up a lot. Besides this, Sillk highway also links to Cheras and Sungai Long area in the other routes but I personally seldom use them.

After 10 minutes drive along Jalan Bangi, there is a path to Bukit Mahkota and Bandar Sri Putra. These residence areas are connected to North-South Highway. It provides alternative way to enter into North-South Highway without passing through Kajang area. Hence you can easily travel to KL or KLIA airport by using this route.

There is another highway called KASEH, which links from Kajang to Seremban. This highway provides another alternative way to southern regions like Nilai, Pajam, KLIA, Jelebu and Seremban. Semenyih has one entrance into this highway. Until now I have yet to use it. I personnally think that this highway is underused.

In short, Semenyih is getting more accessible if you are willing to pay $. Therefore I am anticipating the house price in Semenyih region will rise.
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