Monday, September 29, 2008

Cannot Search My Blog? Why?

Last few days, I got excited to start my first blog in blogspot, one of the most popular blog in internet. Recently I tried to search my blog in, but i failed to search my blog! I tried out to type casualzone, semenyih, my blog and etc but all my efforts were in vain. It caused me puzzled and frustrated. Will my blog be listed in search engine automatically?

To find out the answer, I googled it. I had to submit my blog URL into google. Here are the steps to add your URL:

  1. Go to, click on about google
  2. In the For Site Owners column, click on Submit your content to Google
  3. In the Web column, click on Add Your URL
  4. Follow the instrustion and fill up your URL and comments
  5. Finally, click on add URL button
Adding URL in google

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