Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Semenyih Taufu & Udang (beancurd & prawn fritters)

If you feel like eating while you are in Semenyih, then you probably can try these Semenyih Taufu (beancurd) and Udang (prawn fritters). It is famous Malay food in Semenyih town. I normally treat them as snack at the afternoon or tea break. The beancurd and udang are specially made and must be eaten together with the given reddish chilli source. Without the chilli source, the taste is absolutely incomplete. The taufu and udang are RM1 and RM0.60 per pieces. The taufu is a bit expensive in my view.

Special made taufu/beancurd

crispy prawn fritters

Almost finished while I was buying

The restaurant is just opposite to the Semenyih field

The restaurant can be easily found because it is just opposite to Semenyih field. The field is near to Sin Min primary school and Kampung Baru Semenyih primary school, therefore it is impossible of not getting the restaurant.

dunk the beancurd into chilli source

Udang + taufu

savouring my snack

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