Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bukit Tabur / Bukit Melawati @ Klang Gate (Part II)

Bukit Tabur west trail has 5 peaks

Look at the picture! Do you think possible to climb over this Bukit Tabur or Bukit Melawati which has about 5 rocky peaks from the right to the left? Every peaks you have to climb up and down cautiously with your bare hands. If you have confidence and good stamina then you could take up the challenge. Then you could continue the Bukit Tabur journey and say goodbye to the awesome and magnificent Klang Gate Dam view. (click here to Bukit Tabur part I)

Have to cross over the 1st peak (behind our back)

The first peak did not pose any challenges. We easily reached it without any much effort. We did not forget to take photo :). It was a good place to capture whole view, the lake and the iconic peak, without stitching. Peanut only.....

Say cheese to Bukit Tabur!!

Awesome view!

Climbing to the second peak. Wearing hand gloves

The second peak was the most dangerous one because we had to use our two hands and two legs to climb over 80 degree rocks without the help of robe. (It is advisable to wear hand glove and good shoes.) The height was about two and half storeys as shown in the previous picture. When I was climbing this path, it reminded me on my Gunung Tahan experience, which required me to do the same things but the slope was 90 degree. Therefore for those who like to hike Gunung Tahan (Mount Tahan), you could come here and practise. We did not take much photo on this dangerous path. I still remembered that there was a newspaper or articles about accident happened over there. Besides this, there were chinese words inscribed on the rocky wall: “回头是岸” / "go back and it is a seaside" (direct translation) after passing the article place. It advised people to go back to the same path if you did not want put yourself in risk. So be careful!. It was the most dangerous one.

warning article! be careful! (source:
It was a relief to reach 2nd peak

After passing this, it was a relief and we reached a second peak. I personally think it was quite difficult to go back and pass the dangerous path after reaching 2 peaks. The second peak was a plateau. Of course, it was a photograpy session again.. hehe

3 peaks? loss count (another team)

Came down from the peak (another team)

Watch the photo above, give you a feeling how the journey was. Those people in the photo were experience hikers. They were the one to lead us through the whole journey because none of us had been here before. Only few of us had experience until half journey. They also quite enjoy during the hike, they brough a lot of food and drinks! They even had picnic at the last peak. Must learn from them...

Came down slowly..

Hiking journey

Advanterous experience @ Bukit Tabur

University Islamic Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIA) or International Islamic University Malaysia (UIIM) can be seen in the third peak. It could be easily identified because it has blue roof in all the building.

The 4th peak was almost the same with the 3rd one. No much comment.... (short term memory lost)

Journey to the 5th peak (last peak)

Highland plants

It is worth to mention on the last peak because I found it quite special among the rest. It was filled up with short plants and highland plants. It did remind me on the Mount Kinabalu scenery. Hmm, Bukit Tabur was a wonderful hiking place because it could give you a taste of Mount Tahan and Mount Kinabalu feeling.

taking photo with beautiful highland plants and grasses

whole team photo @ last peak!

taking photo with lovely and naughy girl from other team

My wife and I + grasses

After same rest at the last peak, we returned back to the entrance of the last peak because it was an dead end. After that, we started our descending path and directly went to our parking place. Note that you could bypass the last peak and directly go to the descending path but the last peak is worth to visit. We passed by fruit farms and it took us around 20-30 minutes to reach car parks.

whole route of Bukit Tabur (source:

I hope to visit Bukit Tabur again. It was really fun and challenging. Perhaps, next time I can visit the east trail to Bukit Tabur. (note: east trail is completely different location)


Panoramic view
(click image to enlarge)


albertwui said...

I been there once, managed to climb up the hill with rope then return ald. Didnt know there are 5 hills in total, would go again if got chance.

Bp 933 said...

I hav some quest wish to ask. It is better for us climb the hill early in morning like around 5am or morning 7am day time? It took hw long the time to the peak?

Sid said...

Good article, well documented. East side climbed already?

Miroe Khalil said...

please join this group....
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