Tuesday, December 02, 2008

FishMonger @ Semenyih Pasar / Market

Selling fish @ Semenyih Market/Pasar

My mother suddenly transformed from a housewife to a fishmonger, selling fishs at Semenyih market near to Semenyih Sentral. Did she look proffesional? What was the reason caused she had this change? Fed up becoming a housewife? The main reason is that my uncle having an accident, causing bone fracture in his leg. He was on hospilazation at Kajang KPS hospital for 1-2 months. Therefore my mother helped my uncle out on weekends.

Semenyih market / Pasar

In the past, my mother used to be a wet-market seller at Semenyih market, selling vegetables and fishs. Therefore there was no problem to her picking up this new task. Look at the photo, she was happily selling fish.... the lady at the back was my uncle's wife.

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