Sunday, December 21, 2008

Johor Bahru New Custom : Heavy Traffic & Long Queue

Johor Bahru New Custom (the distance from City Square to main custom at the back is far away)

Yesterday I was travelling back from Singapore to Malaysia. So I decided to use cheaper way, taking a bus. Early in the morning, I reached Kranji MRT station and quickly went to bus terminal to take 170 bus. As usual, there was a long queue to board on 170 buses. So I had no choice and just waited. Luckily the frequency of the bus was quite often, thus I could board on the 2nd or 3rd 170 bus.

Long queue to board on 170 buses

Basically there was no much problems from the bus from Kranji to Singapore custom.

Long queue in JB new custom

When I entered into Johor Bahru (JB) new custom. OMG!! There were several endless long queues in all custom counters regardless of Malaysian passport and foreigner passport. I was quite surprised to see this "sea of people" scenario. I thought the new JB custom supposedly had a better services and a more efficient system to avoid disappoinment to visitors. Perhaps, I had overestimated Malaysia system and felt disappointed. Maybe Malaysia did not welcome visitors! (kidding)

I went into Malaysia passport with autogate systems, although the queue was long, in the hope that the automatic gate system could have faster speed as compared to manual and labour way. Unfortunately it was similarly slow. Sometimes, autogate counter was unable to detect Malaysia passport and the passport had to be processed in another officer counter. Some people whose passport was failed to be detected were required to go backward and retried several times. Those events no doubtly contributed to the sluggishness and tardiness.

"sea of people" scenario

After passing the autogate counter, I was puzzled and not sure which ways to go because it did not have clear signboard. For exmaple, there was no clear direction to take SBS 170 bus. Some more, some signboards were small and not easily noticeable.

One good news was that there was less people waiting 170 bus due to the long queues in JB custom, most people were stacked there crazily and unpatiently.

I wished to take fly instead but taking bus was the only choice for the poors like me... pity lah..

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