Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bukit Tabur / Bukit Melawati @ Klang Gate (Part I)

Bukit Tabur (click on image to enlarge)

On Sunday early morning of 2 Nov 2008, I joined my wife and her collegues to have hill hiking at Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill), which was also known as Bukit Melawati (Melawati Hill). Bukit Tabur is actually located near to Taman Desa Melawati, somewhere near to Setapak area. The actual map is shown as below:

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(The blue color icon is the west trail head to Bukit Tabur while the blue lines are Bukit Tabur hill. You may zoom-in to view the details roads) **(more information at the bottom of this blog)**

Bukit Tabur can be reached from MRR2 (Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2 or Middle Ring Road 2) and exit to Taman Desa Melawati or the same exit to TARC (Tunku Abdul Rahman College) or UTAR (University Tunku Abdul Rahman) but opposite direction. Bukit Tabur can be easily spotted on MRR2. Bukit Tabur has two trails, west and east trail. The easier one is the west trail.

I had been quite some time did not go for hill hiking since I moved back to KL from Penang. I used to hike at Bukit Jambul, Penang. Bukit Tabur was quite new to me because it located quite far from my house. We reached to the west trailhead at 6am and it was raining lightly but the weather didn't undermine our determination to conquer Bukit Tabur. The journey was dark and rocky, thereby it is advisable to bring torch light and hand glove.

After around 40 minutes, we eventually reached to the half journey. It was the most beautiful and fascinating place in the whole journey. I was thrilled and excited when I saw the Klang Gate Dam surrounded with hill admist in the fresh mist. On the other side, KL early morning view was presented with streetlights were still shining.

Early morning KL view

Lake view and rocks

Iconic mountain view in Bukit Tabur

Fascinating misty lake

My wife and I @ Melawati Hill

Whole members - take1

Whole members - take2

Panoramic view of Bukit Tabur (click on image to enlarge)

Panoramic KL view from Bukit Tabur. Can you spot KL tower & KLCC?
(click on image to enlarge)

Can see Genting Highlands (using DSLR)

If you have sharp eagle eyes, you could spot Genting Highlands building!! By using high zoom-power digital SLR, you should be able to snap the building if the weather is not cloudy. Of course, I was able to spot it and it was a cool experience!

Sunrise @ Bukit Tabur (using DSRL)

The write up so far was only about the half journey to the Bukit Tabur (part I). Most of the hiker will stop here and return back by using the same route. If you have guts and stamina, you could continue the journey which needs another 45 minutes. The route is more challenging and dangerous. The picture below is Bukit Tabur whole journey where you need to pass through 5 or 6 rocky peaks.

Bukit Tabur whole journey with 5 or 6 rocky peaks

Bukit Tabur Video:

Video about Bukit Tabur / Bukit Melawati View

Map / Direction to Bukit Tabur / Bukit Melawati @ Klang Gate (updated on 30 March 09)
  • From southern part of MRII. Will pass throught two roundabout in the residential area.

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  • From the UTAR / TARC exit.

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Rachel said...

hi, great entry - thanks for the maps. the trail head seems a distance from jalan kolam air, is it possible to drive all the way to the trail head, or must park the car at jalan kolam air and walk in?

Kok-Siang said...

U can drive until the entrance or the dead end (not highlighted in the map because the icon cannot be located in the small road) and park your car there.

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