Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nephew: Jing Hong

I am a pig..(monster?)

Guess! Who is this guy with piggy face? Haha, he is my nephew; my elder brother's son, called Jing Hong. His nick name is Hong Hong. What a cute child. Sometimes he is quite naughty. Look at him, how he pretended himself as a pig to tease me :P

Macho Look?

Sometimes he is very cool and smart. Look at the photo above, he was wearing my father sunglass with his Apple kindergarten school uniform. "hehe, I am big boy already!"

Wearing Smart Coat.

I also teased him back. I used my handphone to capture his look with monkey and rabbit background.

Hehe, I can transform to a monkey

Becoming a cute cute rabbit

Playing diner dash game

Was he playing diner dash game in laptop? No lah.. my young brother was the one to play the game. He was just sitting aside and learning how to play the game.

Lantern Festival @ 2008

Jing Hong Robot

The picture above was a product from him, a robot built from Lasy. He has creative mind but sometime he will lose of patient :P

Ganbatte ne!

There is a link posting more pictures about Jing Hong. It is my brother blog, called Life Blogger!

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