Thursday, December 04, 2008

Conjunction of Moon, Venus, and Jupiter

Conjunction of Moon, Venus, and Jupiter

On 1 Dec, smiling face could be seen in almost whole Asia. The smiling face was formed by the venus, jupiter and the moon. Why the heaven was smiling at us during the world recession period. Was the heaven giving hope and luck to us? Was the heaven giving support and spirit to us? Who will know? Only the God knows! haha..

Smilling face

unhappy face

On 3 Dec, the smiling face was turned into unhappy face. Was the heaven disappointed on us? What did the heaven signal about it? Who caused the heaven becoming unhappy? Any idea?

I think the heaven wants us to know that happiness and sadness are part of our life, so we must be brave to face our future challenges. You could be happy and sad, it is your choice in your life!

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