Saturday, January 05, 2013

Life is a jug of Wine

When we are in a positive frame of mind, you will find many good things; and when we in a negative frame of mind, you will find many things frustrating; joy and troubles of life, is your attitude to life. Optimistic, good luck continued; the lost sink, accompanied by bad luck. Adversity, it may be another way to think about, at best, because, good mind good fate!

In fact, life is a jug of wine, everyone is his own life of winemakers. Some people lead lives Becherovka, chewing their own misfortune every day, time seems to become endless misery; some people put their own lives become wine, taste the nectar of life every day, a century of time been polished brilliance shine.

Everyone trying to figure out his own life script, it's not your parents ' sequel, not before your children, and certainly not you friends outside essay. If you do not frequently encountered setbacks, this indicates that you do not very innovative. People are always very tolerant to strangers, affinity for familiar and very picky. If actively looking up frequently, you will grow higher, if you always head down wants to pick up cheap, you will stoop.

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