Tuesday, January 22, 2013

way out is the way to go 要走出去才會有路

So-called way out is the way to go would have. There is no road, coming out of the road are all human beings. People can, believe, one the biggest bankruptcy is despair, the biggest asset is hope. Create opportunities for people to be brave, awaiting opportunities are ordinary people, people are stupid to give up opportunities. Most regret in life is not a fault, but missed and invisible to its most precious, instead of waiting for those vague.

Sea to sky-day Bank, in excellent shape I peak the mountain. People who, knowledge is infinite, if you want to compete, and their inner battle. With a strong fight against cowardly, inclusive overcome picky, frankly overcome shyness and tolerance prevail over narrow, intelligent fighting fool-that with a genuine fight against hypocrisy and calm to overcome anger, calm against impetuous, overcoming pessimism with a smile. Only go beyond yourself, you are the real strong.

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