Sunday, December 16, 2012

Summon Courage

In times of crisis, we cannot hurt his confidence, but to summon the courage to shoulder the play mental health and rising to meet the challenges of life.

Difficulty that lies before us is not to stop us, but to evoke our courage and strength.

If life gives you a lemon,
 you put it into a glass of lemon juice! Lemon and bitter and sour, is not at all pleasant, simply cannot swallow. But put it into juice, combined with water, add sugar, pour honey, became the beloved drink, shengjinzhike lemon juice. Life gives us suanku, we make out this year. Only ignorant people, expect life available to us only drink lemon juice.

Pain makes clear, anything in life, all on your own. Other people's mercy, pacing did not come to a better future

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