Saturday, December 08, 2012

Ice in the Sahara desert

一塊冰在撒哈拉沙漠,被太陽融化得只剩小小一塊。冰感嘆著說:沙漠是冰的地獄,北極才是冰的天堂。沙對冰塊說:冰在沙漠時才最珍貴,冰在北極是最不值錢的東西。 —— 如果我們處於苦難絕境,正是顯彰最高自我價值的時候, 處於太平順境之時,無論是誰大家都相差不多。
A piece of ice in the Sahara desert, is the Sun melted only a small piece. Ice said with a sigh: desert hell is ice, the Arctic is the ice paradise. Sha said to ice: ice in the desert is the most precious, the ice in the Arctic is the most worthless things. --If we are suffering desperate, is effective when high self-worth, in peaceful times when, no matter who is close to much.

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