Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tesco Semenyih

Tesco Semenyih in Wikimapia

A very good news to Semenyih residence that Tesco Semenyih has been opened today morning. For those planning to purchase some stuff for Chinese New Year, you might opt for this new option which always provide low price. It might give stiff competition to The Store in Semenyih.

Tesco Semenyih @ Taman Pelangi Semenyih

Here is the map to Tesco Semenyih. It is situated to Taman Pelangi Semenyih entrance. Near to the Tesco, there will be a giant police station, still under construcion. Someone said it will be a police headquater or training center.
The blue rectangle shap is Tesco Semenyih, while blue icon is giant police station

This new open Tesco will definitely provide an alternative choice to Semenyih residence and of course students in the University of Nottingham. But will it make the traffic in Jalan Semenyih worse!! OMG!

drive-through KFC and Pizza Hut

I nearly forgot to mention that beside the Tesco Semenyih, there is a drive-through KFC and Pizza Hut. Wahh, the second KFC restaurant in Semenyih. Great!

Updated (May 09)

At the Tesco Semenyih, there is a KFC restaurant also although a drive-through KFC and Pizza Hut are located at the outside of the Tesco . Besides that, Old Town White Coffee can be found here too. It provides a good place for local food like Laksa, prawn mee, toast and its famous white coffee.

Malaysia style Kyros Kebab

I like this Old Town White Coffee restaurant

Tesco food court

The nearest Bata shop from Semenyih

a variety of mee/noodles

a number of goods

vegetables + meats

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