Wednesday, January 21, 2009 & Tom hardware

I would like to introduce a good webpage called Anandtech- your source of hardware analysis and news. It always publishs the latest news about computer related products such as microprocessors, chipsets, memories, video cards, motherboards, digital cameras news. Besides this, it also makes product comparisons, for example, the comparison of micoprocessor performance in between Intel and AMD. The more impressive words about the stiff competition is "The return of the Jedi". Moreover, the website also gives comments and introduction about computer products.

GeForce GTX 285

45nm Phenom II X4 940 at 3.0GHz and the 920 at 2.8GHz

Nahalem Architecture

Nahalem Chip Floorplan

If you are computer mania then it is a good site to keep abreast of computer latest development.

Source of the above pictures:

The other good website about computer news and products is Tom's Hardware. The specialty of the site is doing some strange tests on mircoprocessor. Besides this, it also guides you how to overclock microprocessors .

Microprocessor too hot? (source: tomhardware)

Required giant fan to cool down processor? who makes processor angry? (source: tomhardware)

stress test on AMD and Intel processors (source: tomhardware)

I personally think that Anadtech is much better than Tom's hardware because it give more relevent information. But sometime, I do check on Tom's hardware to see some weird stuff..

endless battle between AMD and Intel

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