Friday, January 02, 2009

Oriental Crystal Hotel @ New Year Dinner

Oriental Crystal Hotel Main Entrance

In order to celebrate new year 2009, my family decided to have scrumptious dinner at Oriental Cyrstal Hotel, situated in Kajang town, near to Jalan Bukit. It was a 4 stars new hotel in Kajang town, creating stiff competition to Prescott Metro Inn (previously was Metro Kajang Inn). If I was not mistaken, it was established in 2007. I had never been to this hotel before.

Lobby hall

The Oriental Imperial Chinese Restaurant was on the first floor with splendid view. It was renowned for its Peking duck with BBQ sources. As a result, it was the first order we made, a must-try dish. Then we also ordered the other 5 dishes.

Peking Roast Duck @ Oriental Imperial Restaurant

Slicing the duck skin with skillful knife kung fu

The most impressive dishes was, of course, Peking Duck. A chief served us a well roasted Peking duck, putting on a small trolley. After that, he was demostrating his skillful knife kung to show how to cut the duck skin in the finest pieces. The other helper rolled the sliced skin with pancakes 荷葉餅. The total process was swift and did not make us impatient. Besides the rolls, it also came with prawn crackers. It also came together with special-made BBQ source, making the dish to perfect. Needless to say, the taste was fantastic and luscious.

Rolling the duck skin with pancake 荷葉餅

Peking Roast Duck served with pancakes and prawn crackers

closer look on Peking Duck rolls

Peking Duck meat was served too

Besides enjoying the duck skin, we were also served with the duck meat, otherwise it was quite a waste. The other dishes that we ordered were as below:

Kai Lan vegetables, topping with crispy Kai Lan vegetables

I found the crispy Kai Lan very good (the topping part). I had tasted it before in Penang :P

Special home-made bean-curds (so so only..)

草湾鱼 Fish served with gingers

served with dried shrimp

Sushi-like dishes- very yummy & special

As an overall, we were quite satisfied with the dishes. How much did this dinner cost? haha.. it was around RM330 in total, including taxes. I felt it was a bit expensive but my father said it was ok as compared to the other restaurant in Taman Kajang Prima....
Fortunately, we had special discount on that day..

Here provide a map to Oriental Crystal Hotel:

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