Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cadbury Chocolate!

Sheeps for my nieces: Jing Hong & Jing Da

My sister flew back from New Zealand last month. She was so generous that she bought us a lot of gifts like NZ T-shirts, fresh strawberries and cherries, iconic sheep toys for my nieces, and of course, sweet chocolates!!
New Zealand sheep toy

I was intrigued by the sheep toy above, I found it quite interesting and cute. It could yell like a real sheep when the sheep is rolled over or flip over. My father was surprized to hear sheep sounds in upstair when the sheep was kept on yelling in the downstair of my house. At that time, he had not seen the sheep yet.

size view of New Zealand sheep toy

The other thing worth to mention was Cadbury chocolates. Before this, I did not know about this brand, perhap I seldom buy chocolate. My sistor told me that it was a famous chocolate company. She did pay a visit on the Cadbury factory, seeing how the chocolates were made and processed. I just snapshoted the chocolates as below:

Cadbury: Flake

Flake chocolates taste very good but a bit sweet

Cadbury: Pinky

Pinky chocolates was, of course, pink in colour on its inner side. Girls must be loving them a lot. I also found the chocolates were quite sweet. I was in pink mode! :P

Cadbury: Milk Tray

This chocolates consist of various types of flavour and design.

Cadbury: Continental Old Gold

Cadbury: Continental Old Gold (almost finished in a minute)

Ops!! I almost finished all the chocolate!

Kiwi Fruit Chocolates

Chocolate Cherries

In New Zealand, kiwi fruit and cherry were famous and in abundance. Hence, kiwi fruit and cherry chocolates were ideal gifts to friends and relatives but they did not belong to Cadbury brand if I was not mistaken

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