Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cadence: .cdsinit file setup

Here provide some important setup in the .cdsinit cadence file

.cdsinit file

;To enable the bindkey in layout and schematic in Cadence
let( (bindKeyFileList file path saveSkillPath)
bindKeyFileList = '(

;My simulation environment setup
envSetVal("asimenv" "saveDir" 'string "./artist_states")
envSetVal("asimenv.startup" "projectDir" 'string "./simulation")
envSetVal("asimenv.startup" "cds_ade_wftool" 'string "awd")

;To make sure simulator does not save all nodes but selected nodes, otherwise the sim file size is big
envSetVal("spectre.outputs" "save" 'string "selected")

;First row: set the artist_states directory path
;Second row: set project directory path
;Third row: Set AWD as a default waveform viewer

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