Monday, August 24, 2009

Full Month of My Baby

Yes! I have reached full month already!

Last Satursday was my baby Jing Yi full month, then I rushed back from Singapore to see him. Moreover I really missed him a lot. We just had simple ceremony, and having red eggs and chicken. I would like to thx for my mother in helping me to distribute full month meal to my relatives. Besides this, I also would like to thx to those visiting/greeting my baby.

Happy full month, Jing Yi!

cuddling my baby. Did I look profesional on that? :p

My parents gave baby a leg bracelet whereas my parents in law gave him a gold bracelet.

We bought him a nice and cute cloth set which bought few months ago

Receiving several gifts from relatives

some cloths from my brother and sister in law

The most special gift received was the greeting message from my nephews, Jing Hong & Jing Da, Growing up quickly and staying healthy. Just wondering who is the cartoon person.

A nice card from my wife collegues & thx for visiting baby :) although they were working late

I am a little giraffe

gaining weight from 3.1kg to 4.6kg now. A bit puffy in his face.

Does he look like me?

wink and smile at us

This is his typical sleeping style. zzzz. Good night dear.

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