Wednesday, August 19, 2009

15 Malaysia Films

These 15 Malaysia films are fantastic describing the problems that Malaysia is facing. All the problem messages are burried and hidden in the films. Hopefully non-Malaysians can understand the hidden messages as well.

Potong Saga, is directed by Ho YungHang and casted by namewee 明志, who had once created a great controvesy in Malaysia about editting national song to Negarakuku from Negaraku . A laugh-out-loud film about a Chinese boy’s misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account. It reveals the misunderstanding and misinterpreting can easily happened in Malaysia if hearing from rumours, hearsays or incomlete sensentences. For this case, it shows Malaysian misinterpreting on "Islam".

Chocolate directed by Yasmin Ahmad. This film is actually very complex which has many hidden problems. See how many problems you can spot!

Tree: Malaysia’s most influential spiritual leader Nik Aziz offers commentary on the virtuous and Islamic way to conduct ethical commerce in his inimitable style.
This film is a bit bored in the way it presented, kind like an interview.

House: An Indian boy is asked to build a model of his house at school. A tale on the social economic plight faced by many Malaysians.

This is a real and true story that happened @ happening in Malaysia. Pretty sad and pity on the poor. What is our government doing?
PS: do you know who the last lady chatting with the little Indian student.. hehe.. you can get the answer from the film too...

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