Monday, November 10, 2008

~ 翹翹板 Life is like walking on a See-Saw

Life is like a see-saw, walking along the see-saw board

Nnormally you start from the low side toward the high side.
Each of the next step becomes more difficult and more challenging than the previous step

The higher you go, the more difficult you are to get a balance point

When you think you are at the topmost, you actually start to going down

Then you realize that you will never reach the topmost point

Struggling for few times, you realize that it is extremely hard to reach the climax point because you do not know how to achieve the balance point

Eventually in one day, you realize that you could reach the topmost point when you get the balance point in your life

If you want to reach the topmost point, there is another way.
It is to let other people to support you at the low side.
They might be your family, your lover, ...
or those who are your defeated opponents

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