Thursday, October 30, 2008

IC Resources

IC Resources

I came across a site which is very useful for those who seek for electronic and integrated chip (IC) design jobs in international level. The webpage name is called IC Resources and the address is This webpage provides one platforms which is very convenient. You can move your mouse in different regions, it immediately depicts how many available jobs in that region. As in the diagram below, it shows that there are 24 jobs in far east region, including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and others.
Available Jobs in Far East Region

Sounds like there are not much jobs in this region? I dont think so, those jobs are seeking for international talents. Usually only big companies and multinational companies will post under this IC resources webpage. More precisely, those jobs are mainly published by Singapore, which is constantly and relentlessly hunting for international talents, like me? Obviously I have no chance because their qualifications are at least PhD which stands for Permenant Head Damage! Are you? If you think you are qualified, then you could go ahead and apply. I will wish you good luck :)

Job in Singapore, required PhD

Job in Singapore, required PhD AGAIN? Master also can..

By the way, I think those jobs in above are associated with Singapore IME or I2R (A*STAR).

This webpage is more applicable to those want to work in Europe and UK. You know why? Check out the available jobs in UK alone as shown in the figure below. There have 597 available jobs during this economy crisis. I think it is mainly because this webpage is owned by UK company (by guessing).

In Europe Regions

If you plan to apply the jobs inUK, make sure you got the well recognized degree. Do you think Malaysia degree will be recognized by UK companies? If you able to work in UK, you can save a lot in term of currency exchange, it is about 6x to Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Look at the job below, the annual salary is 55k pound + bonus! What a lucrative earning. (not sure about the tax rate). If you work there for 2-3 years, you can easily save money to RM300k?

Job in UK (55k pound + bonus)

There is no free lunch in this world. You might sacrifice other things in your life....

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