Thursday, April 01, 2010

Learning ADS

ADS (advance design system) from Agilent.

ADS is a prominent EDA tools for RF circuit design and analysis. Since portable devices like iphone, blackberry, Nexusone are getting hot, RF are the one of the hottest research among integrated circuit.

I got to learn this tool to pick up so RF circuit design although my research is not focusing on RF. Overall ADS is very user friendly and easy to use. I just got one comment, I dislike the default background setting, which is white color. It caused my eyesore after looking at computer screen for hours. I changed it to black color as like in Cadence design environment (ADE).

transient test

intermodulation simulation- two tones test

TOI test (third harmonic interception test) which is to test linearity of a circuit

Impedance matching in the Smith chart

Filter synthesis from Agilent.

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