Monday, April 05, 2010

Ding Ding Mint Candy

At one day, I suddenly heard a familiar sound, ding-ding-ding sound. I immediately knew what the sound was. Then I dashed out to search for it. Eventually I was able to find it at Semenyih Sentral area. It was mint candies. I had been for years not hearing this sound and the sweet and special mint candy which was sold by this guy with his old bicycles. When I was a child, I I always bought this whenever I came across this sound because it needed perfect timing, he coming on irregular time.

The equipments and setup are exactly the same as I had seen during my childhood

I think not many children nowadays have tasted it before since there are many choices as compared to my old days. I am not sure whether this traditional candy business can be survive in this competitive world. I really hope that I'm still able to enjoy this traditional home made mint candy in my future.

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emotionalistic said...

Hi kok siang! Gosh...I didnt know you blog too....haha. Anyway, I have not tried mint candies before. Any idea where can we get in Penang?