Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nobody but Yourself

Your life, nobody but yourself, you are responsible for. Believe they can make good decisions. Develop their habits of thinking, not to go along with others, boldly assume the consequences of failure. As long as you do, as long as you do it better than yesterday, they should be cheering for their own, cheer for their applause!

Problem with watching other people, was accomplishment enough. Moments of anger, intelligence quotient is zero, returned to normal after a minute. Elegant key to control the mood of the people, hurt people with their mouths, are one of the most stupid behavior. We are not free, and is usually caused by negative emotions comes from within us. A man who can control negative emotions and powerful than a man who can take a city.

Everyone can choose their own lifestyle, no matter which path you choose, there is no right and wrong. When you encountered during the hard, don't complain, complain about only the most futile futile when temptation is encountered in this process, consider the original intent, be sure to insist that ultimately waited so long for the clouds to see moon. Only in this way when there is no when faced with the choice of hesitation and tangle, your life will be a lot less painful. Please enjoy your choice!

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