Saturday, June 25, 2011


‎1 So many people die, never see you die. 甘多人死,唔見你死。 
2 You teach me how to come out and walk in the future? 你教我以後點出嚟行? 
3 If you have enough ginger, put your horse to me. 如果你夠姜既話就放馬過嚟。 
4 "I saw a pork chop" 我見到件豬扒啊。 
5 Are you road? 你係咪路啊? 
6 What the water are you? 你係乜水啊? 
7 Do you big me? 你大我啊? 
8 Zebra chops people. 班馬劈友。 
9 The king of the cutting girl. 界女王。 
10 Cut my head and let you sit on it as a chair. 批我個頭俾你當凳坐。 
11 Do you think me didn't arrive? 你當我無到? 
12 You have seed, I will give you some colour to see, brothers, together up. 你有種,我會俾D顏色你睇,兄弟,同我一齊上! 
13 Today I was very black son. 今日我好黑仔。 
14 I am wearing grass. 我著緊草。 
16 Two beat six. 二打六 17 Two five son. 二五仔 
18 Piano piano green. 琴琴青 
19 I give you some colour to see see. 我俾D顏色你睇睇! 
20 Stupid stupid want to move . 蠢蠢欲動。 
21 People mountain people sea . 人山人海。 
22 How senior are you? 你算老幾? 
23 What the ghost are you talk? 你講乜鬼? 
24 I fear that you have teeth. 我驚你有牙! 
25 Heart flower angry open. 心花怒放。 
26 Fish skin 魚皮。 
27 Monster of blowing water. 吹水怪。 
18 Face green green 面青青。 
29 You see road carefully 你小心睇路 
30 You go to street carefully 你出街小心D。 
31 Do the world 做世界。 
32 Big tea rice 大茶飯。 
33 American chinese not enough. 美中不足。 
34 King eight egg. 王八蛋 
35 High hand. 高手 
36 DO YOU Old dot ME? 你老點我呀? 
37 One old water 一舊水 
38 I know your mouse. 我識你老鼠! 
39 Measure water/Pound water. 磅水 
40 A dragon service. 一條龍服務 
41 Pump water.? 抽水 
42 I blow chicken to beat your group of the guys. 我吹雞打你班友。 
43 You jump building. 你跳樓啦。 
44 You come back home and eat banana 你返屋企食蕉啦 
45 I give you a hair. 我俾條毛你ar! 
46 Collect skin 收皮 
47 Collect father 收爹 
48 You give me collect father. 你同我收爹! 
49 Laugh die me. 笑死我。 
50 You give me stop. 你同我企系度。 
51 Eight woman 八婆 
52 Eight woman,you are good! 八婆,你好o野!

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