Monday, December 21, 2009

Short Trip to Malacca

Ping-pong sized chicken rice ball

We went to Malacca during the last weekend, but ended up we were trapped in the traffic for few hours in nouth-south highway and it rained heavily. After taking the exit to Ayer Keroh, we were trapped again along in the Ayer Keroh road toward the city centre for few hours. Furthermore, one of the road was in flood, causing a massive jam. What a bad day to visit Malacca during holiday. The heavy traffic, I believe, was also due to the Malacca has been promoted as a World Heritage city.

The machine to churn out the rice ball

When we were about to reach near to the red house, the road was closed. We finally gave up and just stopped to have our dinner at one of the chicken rice shop which also serve chicken rice ball. The shop name is called Famosa Chicken Rice Ball 古城鸡饭粒. Initially we planned to have the chicken rice ball at the famous shop called Hoe Kee Chicken Rice ball in Jonker Street, but we didnt make it.

My brother and his family... where was Jing Hong?

Parents and Jing Hong

My family.. Jing Yi was excited seeing the food


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