Saturday, November 07, 2009

2012 The End of the World Trailer

Year 2012 is the end of the world. Do you believe?
If it is true, then we have about 2 year plus time to come.
Cherish you life & Work life balance

Why 2012 year? It is mainly due to the old ancient Maya prophet prediction. The prophet has recorded all the major eclipses since the ancient time and has a good track records (match to the real eclipses). The record ends until 21 Dec 2012, based on the so-called Maya counter as below. Besides this, the Maya also precisely predicted when "white skin" came to the America. Was it an coincidence?

Besides this, other old ancient also predict the major disasters happen like the oracle from Rom and Greece. But I am not sure how they did it. Some of them predicted The Napaleon, the defeat of Persian, the conquest of the Alexander the Great.
Here is the documentation channel talks about the prediction...

Pole shift due to the the alignment of the earth and the center of the Milkyway galaxy. Maya believed it was a doomday at 2012?

I-Ching Prediction from the China ancient, predicting the changing event. (high bar in the graph is good and vice-versa)
Each cycles repeat 64 times

what happens in 2012? relatively low near to 2000AD

The Maya and China predicted the same day of 21 Dec 2012 even though they were far apart?
Merlin prophecy from Europe...predicted the defeat of the Napoleon, Nazi... He also predicted man will speak on a stone to the far distance... (the stone= the cellphone in 21 century)> Besides this, he also predicted global warning event. Another one is Mother Shipton, predicted world war when man can soar in the sky (fighter) and ship swim like a fish in the sea (submarine)...

Holy Bible has predicted a lot of the world events.

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