Sunday, October 11, 2009

EMC/EMI lab tour

Last semester, I attended electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI) graduate course in NTU. It is an interesting course which introducing the importance of EMC/EMI test and the way to reduce electromagnetic inteference in circuits and PCB boards. This course was taught by Prof See & Prof Koh. They are indeed knowledgeable and good in teaching, giving clear explanation.

having class in the semi-aechoic chamber

The most impressive part of this course is that we had a lab lecture inside in the Semi-Anechoic Chamber (SAC) at the last lecture. Wow, it is my first time visiting aechoic chamber.

the ceilling of the chamber was covered by absorbers

Antenna test equipments for different frequency ranges

There was a rotating ground plate which can support a tank weight. The metal table was a standard test setup for commercial products like computers and TV.

taking a photo :p

Besides visiting semi-aechoic chamber, we also visited Mode Stirred Chamber (MSC) or reverberation chamber. It was an improved version chamber that could stir electromagnetic wave in all direction to the device under test (DUT). Moreover the build up cost of this chamber is cheaper than SAC type. However MSC chamber is still under heavy research, hence it is not commonly used.

vertical stirrer

horizontal stirrer, near to the ceiling

a remoted plane was placed on a metal test table in the mode-stirred chamber (demo purpose)

Besides this, we also visited a smaller semi-aechoic chamber which filled with different type of absorber.

closure look on the absorber.

photo taking again :p

The alternative test room is to use this shielded enclosure room, which is less costly. But this room is a bit too small, just for demonstration purpose.

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