Thursday, September 03, 2009

Increase criminal rate in Semenyih

Last month, two tyres of my sister in law car (Kelisa) were stolen. According to neighbour, he saw two Malay guys unlocking the typre at around 5am in the morning. Then the two guys ran off quickly. Luckily my neighbour noticed them, otherwise the other two typres would be gone. See how proffesional the theives were. They replaced the typres with cubic bricks. According to neighbour, it was not the first case. Few similar cases were happened around Semenyih and my residential area. Too bad!! Need to protect the types with special nuts!

More than half year back, my father lorry battery was stolen too. The thief cut off the lock to take out the battery. The criminal rate is increased a lot after the economy downturn. Hai... there is no sense of security over here. What happens to our society?

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