Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Vision of Students Today (mwesh)

Last few weeks, I attended graduate communication course lecture. The lecture was about "making learning meaningful" and she displayed a youtube clip. I found this video clip very meaningful and would like to share with you:

This video was composed by a distinguished Prof from Kansas US, his nickname in youtube is mwesch. He found that majority of the students did not like go to school however they were keen on learning. What causes this happened? Then he started to do research about education learning and youtube. From the video clip above, it explicitly shows the feeling or opinion about the new generation of students. They spent more times on laptop, internet, gadgets and games rather than the smelly books. Furthermore, they learned more from the internet than lectures. It also reveals poor and unfriendly study environment like the class is too big, lectures did not know student names etc.

Thus teachers/lectures should be more interative to students and makes the class more lively, creating a more friendly study environment. Teachers/lectures should also motivate and inspire students because they are the model of students that influence students most after students' parents. What is your opinion about this video clips?

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This video reveals that technology might help students learn more and effective.

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